More best electric mountain bike

  • 20 inch fat tire ebike A6AH20F 48V 500W

  • Fat tire electric bike A6AH26F 36V 250W 350W

  • electric fat bike A6AH26F 48v750w motor

  • Electric mountain bike A6AH26 power motor

  • electric folding bicycle A2AL20 36V 250W 350W

  • Electric fat tire bicycle A7AM20 36V 250W 350W 500W

  • Floding electric bicycle G4 36V 48V 250W 350W 500W

  • electric mountainbike A6AH26-S 36V 250W 350W 48V 500W 750W

  • City electric bike A3AL24 36V 250W

  • Bike Rear Rack Carrier Rack Luggage Cycling Cargo Rack

  • Classic mountain ebike A6AB26 36V 250W 350W

  • Road Electric Bike Hybrid A6-R Motor 36V 250W 350W

  • 15 Years Electric Bike Factory

    Self-developed and produced

    We have our own factory in Zhuhai, engaged in the research and development of electric bicycle manufacturing and production sales for more than ten years, the main cooperation countries are the United States, Canada, exported to overseas continents.

    Self-developed frame

    The lithium battery can be hidden in the frame, which looks simple and stylish, just like the appearance of ordinary bicycle. Not only that, the embedded lithium battery, disassembled quickly, while the bumpy road will not shake the battery off.

    Quality rainproof battery

    We use environmentally friendly high-capacity lithium batteries, a variety of capacity options. 36v 48v 10ah 11.6ah 12.6ah Removal and installation can be completed in 10 seconds, through CE EN15194, safe and trustworthy.

    Static Power Coating Process

    To environmental friendly, upgrade the surface finish of the black wheel motor and the middle motor shell, with anti-corrosion function, the motor is more durable. 36V 250W 350W 48V 500W 750W and other specifications to choose from.

    Self-developed rear brake light

    Practical and cool design, just like the brake light of a car, the rear wheel light flashes when braking to remind the vehicles coming from behind. Guard your riding safety, is a must for riding in the dark

    Professional team for you

    We have a business team of more than 6 people to solve your problems and answer your questions online. Come and communicate with us if you like our electric bikes!

    Best seller Electric Bike

    BASIC 48V750W

    electric bike

    Main Specification
    350W Gears Motor 36V10AH Hidden Battery 26*1.95 Kenda Tire Aluminum Alloy Frame Front and Rear 160 disc brake
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    Advance 48V500W

    best electric bike

    Main Specification
    500W Gears Motor 48V11.6AH Hidden Battery 27.5*1.95 Kenda Tire Aluminum Alloy Frame Front and Rear 160 disc brake
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    Fat bike 48V750W

    electric fat bike

    Main Specification
    750W Gears Motor 48V13AH Battery 26*4.0 Kenda Tire Aluminum Alloy Frame Front and Rear 160 disc brake
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