An electric bicycle suitable for women

An electric bicycle suitable for women

With the progress of society and the development of the times, more and more women choose electric bicycle as a means of transportation, and the female knights have also become a unique and beautiful landscape on the road.
Most women prefer cars with good looks, easy to use, and easy to operate. Choosing a suitable electric bicycle, which is good-looking and easy to use, is the most important factor for women to buy.

The following electric bicycles are more suitable for women, with both beautiful appearance and durable performance. Riding these electric bikes on the road, you are the most beautiful scenery on the road.


ShuangyeA5AH26 is a bit bigger than the previous tires, so the speed is faster, what’s more the distance that can be run by a single electricity is also a little longer than before. Its max speed is 25-30km/h, the speed is suitable for women to use. The motor power is 36V250W/350W,  in addition it has 1:1 PAS mode, range 60-100km per charging. It has short charging time and just only 4-6 hours. It is very convenient for office workers.It has SHIMANO 21 gears with derailleur. It has LCD display. It has 36V 9/10Ah hidden Lithium battery. The bike is specially designed for women. So the electric bicycle has three color for women choice.

2、Shuangye A3AL28

The electric bicycle is designed for women. Shuangye A3AL28 has the 36V 10AH lithium battery that is hide in the woman electric bike to make the appearance more elegant and beautiful. And then the frame of woman electric bike is more concise which looks as same as regular bike. Its motor is 36V 250W Hub Motor. If you want a higher battery, we can provide a 48V 250W. The display is LCD Screen Control. The Gears are SHIMANO 7 Gears. The Brakes is Discs Front & Rear. The frame of electric bicycle is Aluminum Light Weight Alloy. The saddle is very comfortable and it has also a seat in the back for riding with children.

3、Shuangye A5AH26

Shuangye A5AH26‘s motor is 48V 500W gearless brushless hub-motor, and max speed is 30-35 km/h. The battery is 48V 10AH lithium battery. So the battery cells we adopted are very durable. The range is 1:1 PAS mode, 40-80KM. The charging time are 5-7 hours. It has strong endurance.  However, its  operating temperature is-20-45℃. It also has intelligent brushless controller. And his appearance is in line with women’s aesthetic. Its charging method is also novel. 3W LED headlight with USB charge port. It has disc brake. The ebike frame is made by aluminum alloy 6061, which is more lighter and oxidation resistance.

If you  want to know more information about electric bike for women, you can contact us.

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