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Are e-bikes a scourge or saviour for our streets? Take the Road Sage E-Bike Quiz

Are e-bikes a scourge or saviour for our streets? Take the Road Sage E-Bike Quiz 2020-09-15Leave a comment

Are e-bikes a scourge or saviour for our streets? Take the Highway Sage E-Bike Quiz

A lady rides an electrical bike in Paris on June 14, 2020.


Of all of the COVID-19 information flashes, predictions and unhealthy tidings, maybe no headline was extra miserable than the one the Globe and Mail ran on Might 16, 2020 – “E-bikes will rule the streets.”

It’s not that I don’t like e-bikes. I hate e-bikes. I’m not alone. Maybe the one factor diehard cyclists and smug motorists can agree on is their distaste for battery-powered two-wheeled transit.

At this level, you could be questioning what my downside is. Why harbour animosity for a mode of journey that decreases carbon emissions and reduces visitors congestion? E-bikes make it simpler for folks to embrace biking, since they permit the choice of battery-assisted energy on tough stretches. Speeds that may push upwards of 25 km/h. These are all good factors.

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I suppose it’s not the e-bike I despise; they really look fairly smooth. It’s the way in which some folks journey them that’s vexing.

My ire was rekindled this week after I noticed the poster baby for e-bike misuse. Seated on his e-bike, the rider occupied a whole lane, holding up visitors as he lit a cigarette. He then drove for a block, rode between lanes and between automobiles, swerved again into a motorcycle lane and rode there for some time. When the bike lane grew to become busy, he hopped onto the sidewalk, virtually knocking over a lady utilizing a walker.

Are you contemplating getting an e-bike? Earlier than you lay down between $1,500 and $5,000 to your model new Daymark, take the Highway Sage E-bike Quiz.

1Can I journey an e-bike on the sidewalk?

A. No. All bicycles, whether or not powered by your brute power or that pathetic little battery, are prohibited from utilizing the sidewalk.

B. Sure, if you’re 14 years previous or underneath. However if you’re 14 years previous and underneath what do you want an e-bike for?

C. I believe you imply, could I journey on the sidewalk.

D. No, go forward.

E. All the above

2Do you want a license to journey an e-bike?

A. No.

B. You’d suppose that anybody who’s going to journey 25 km/h-plus on congested roads would wish to crack a e book or not less than move an internet quiz, like this one as an example. However no.

C. No. However you have to fail a couple of character checks.

D. All you want is a helmet and willingness to annoy folks.

E. All the above.

3Isn’t the one defining attribute of a bicycle the pedals? Aren’t e-bikes actually simply weak bikes? Which of the next can be a greater title for these electrically powered abominations?

A. Anti-Harleys

B. Rick Astleys

C. Lamesicles

D. E-lacks

E. E-blights

F. All the above.

4What do you name it when somebody on an e-bike passes somebody peddling furiously on a bike-bike?

A. Dishonest

B. E-cheating

5E-bike riders typically swerve forwards and backwards between the bike lane and visitors lane. Why is that this okay?

A. Typically you are feeling like a motorcycle, generally you don’t.

B. It’s exhilarating to go from being the slowest automobile within the visitors lane to being the quickest automobile within the bike lane.

C. “No motive, I similar to doing issues like that.”

D. All the above.

6When was the primary e-bike know-how patented?

A. 1904

B. 1968

C. 1895

D. 1952

E. “And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.”

7Based on a report from Deloitte, “Between 2020 and 2023, greater than 130 million electrical bikes (utilizing all battery applied sciences) are anticipated to be offered globally, and in 2023, electrical bike gross sales are anticipated to high 40 million models worldwide.” What is going to account for such spectacular gross sales?

A. Many European international locations have embraced e-bike know-how.

B. You don’t must be an athlete to e-bike. It combines all the liberty and freshness of bicycling with out the train.

C. E-bike use will result in fewer automotive journeys and decrease emissions, with spill-over advantages for visitors congestion, city air high quality and enhancements in public well being.

D. E-bikes are advantageous, it doesn’t matter what grouchy, hack journalists could write about them.

E. All the above.

The place on the e-bike scale are you?

Reply all the inquiries to see your consequence

Good work, however you could be e-bike obnoxious

Congratulations! You are e-bike prepared!

You might stille be e-bike naive

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