Can drinking sports drinks give you more energy after riding?

Can drinking sports drinks give you more energy after riding?

The sweat you sweat isn’t just water

Have you ever wondered what’s in the sweat that runs down your cheeks when you’re climbing a very steep hill and keep pulling up your cruising speed on the flats and your body starts to sweat in order to lower your body temperature? Sweat contains electrolytes in addition  99% water.


When the exercise intensity is high and the ambient temperature is high, the body will sweat a lot and the recovery of electrolytes in the body will not be able to catch up with the rate of loss, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of electrolytes in the body. The main functions of electrolytes in the body are: “water control”, “maintenance of osmotic pressure”, “nerve conduction” and “muscle contraction”, each of which has a direct impact on athletic performance and to which every rider must pay attention.

What will happen if I only drink water?

Generally speaking, the osmolarity of the human body is about 270~330mOsm/kg. Any liquid with an osmolarity lower than 270 will be classified as low osmolarity, and water is classified as low osmolarity.

Drinking only water while cycling will instead prevent the osmotic pressure in the body from balancing, and will even accelerate the decrease in electrolyte concentration due to sweating, leading to cramps, and if the situation is more severe, you may also feel nauseous and even cause spontaneous dehydration, etc.

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