Do you know the origin of cycling?

Did you know about cycling?

The road cycling race held in Paris in 1868 was the first recorded cycling race. The world’s first women’s cycling race is said to have been held 20 years later in Ashfield, a suburb of Sydney. Due to the development of cycling related technology and the growing national interest in cycling, the development of the four sub-sports of cycling today is reflected in the Olympic events (road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking and small wheeled cycling). In the early years England and the United States dominated track cycling, and then track cycling grew in popularity, especially in Europe. Track cycling has a rich history and is of wide social interest










origin of cycling

Cycling became popular in the United States and Europe between 1880 and 1900, and it was included in the first Olympic Games in 1896. In addition to the Olympic Games, an international championship for men and women, a junior championship for men, multi-day races and continental and regional competitions were held every year, and the International Cycling Federation was established in 1900.













origin of cycling

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