Does riding make the legs thicker

Regarding the effect of cycling on muscles, girls are most concerned about the effect on body shape, now let’s see if there will be any effect.

1. The condition for muscle thickening is repeated exercises under heavy load

Generally speaking, it is a reaction produced by muscles bearing a load and adapting to the load. This reaction is the increase in the ability of the muscles to resist the load. It can be attributed to the effect of muscle thickening to adapt to the increasing load, so for healthy people, although It seems that muscles only become thicker, but this form is only produced when certain conditions are met.

2. The effect of cycling will not make the muscles thicker

From the point of view of the performance speed of the muscles at work, when the muscles overcome the smaller the resistance, the faster their movement speed, and the greater the resistance, the lower the muscle working speed.

For cycling, there is no external load. The muscle movement is always carried out at a certain speed, that is, the frequency of pedaling. The muscle can maintain a certain frequency, which means that the load on the muscle is a kind of muscle. The adapted load, for the adapted load, the muscle shape will not be affected, even in the case where the pedaling frequency cannot be maintained, the work of the muscle can be understood as a form of exercise that uses its own weight as a load. The exercise load is also the load range that the human body adapts, and it will not affect the shape of the muscles.

3. What exactly changes the body?

After proper exercise, you will find that the distribution of fat is actually changing, not the shape of the muscles. After exercise, the fat is consumed and the fat layer becomes thinner. A good fat ratio will make the body more slender. To achieve the purpose of bodybuilding, of course, for a body that is too thin, a certain amount of strength training is still needed to achieve the purpose of making the muscles plump, but this kind of strength training must be targeted and appropriate, and use the correct method to achieve the goal.


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