E-bike allows more people to enjoy happy riding

Electric bicycles are now a hot topic in the bicycle industry, and they have created endless value for leisure and cycling enthusiasts.


A few years ago, the idea of ​​making carbon fiber electric power-assisted road bikes in Italy might be absurd. Now, the growth of electric-assisted bicycles in the world is very alarming. It has been publicized in 2020, but these numbers still have surprising statistical relevance. From 2019 to 2020, the demand for electric bicycles has surged by nearly 25%.

As people move away from public transportation, they begin to seek electric bicycles as a commuting tool, and take this active and gentle commuting leisure riding as a habit, which is not only convenient, but also saves a lot of time, so the sales of electric bicycles grow rapidly.

The bicycle industry has long known that electric-assisted bicycles are a growing market, but when the supply of parts is difficult to meet all electric-assisted bicycle configuration needs, the industry has never expected such a sharp increase in demand. For core cycling enthusiasts, this is the era of dispelling prejudice and re-understanding-as long as you participate in cycling, you can benefit.

With the emergence of a large number of electric bicycle commuters, electric bicycles have become a trend.


  500W Electric bike 48v 26

Chinese manufacturer   Shuangye Company previously released an electric-assisted bicycle called HOTEBIKE. This is a straight-handled commuter bike that is simple and elegant. Even the most avid bicycle purists have a strong desire to ride.

It is a Strangth motorcycle mountain bike 20 inches 36v 350w, using Shimano 21-speed transmission, transmission is 160 disc brake five-speed adjustable, 1:1 pedal assist, the maximum speed can reach 50 km/h

Attract new people

In addition to the increase in the number of commuters, electric-assisted bicycles also attract a more diverse group of riders: the elderly are keenly discovering (or rediscovering) the benefits of cycling because electric-assisted bicycles allow them to overcome distance and slope. They are more confident in the area, so they can do more ambitious rides.

   moto electrica


                                                    Gearless brushless motor
36V 250W/350W gearless brushless hub-motor,
Using spraying technology, it is waterproof and rust-proof, and has a longer service life!

In any electric-assisted bicycle design with a bottom bracket as the center of gravity and equipped with a central motor, the overall mass of the bicycle is distributed at the heavier lateral pivot point, so the turning balance is very good. And with the increase in battery energy density, industrial designers have been able to package smaller power units in electric-assisted bicycles while still providing sufficient power and driving range. The result is that the new generation of electric bicycles are very agile to ride.

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