Electric assisted bicycles and electric bicycles

1. Are you still worrying about the sedentary lifestyle?

In today’s society, many people are complaining about back pain and butt pain. The reason is that most office workers can’t afford to sit for a long time every day and don’t have time to exercise. If you ride an electric bike to and from get off work every day, this also means that people can exercise while commuting. Riding an electric bicycle every day can not only promote blood circulation, but also relieve stress and exercise muscles.

Some people are worried, what should I do if I can’t ride a bike every day? Do not worry! The designer will help you think about it! This type of electric bicycle has a pedal assist function, and it will not be tiring even for long distances. In the process of riding, people can also adjust the pedal boost strength to meet the exercise needs of different people.

High-intensity pedal assistance can easily increase people’s travel speed. The rider does not need to spend too much effort to pedal, but the goal of fitness can be achieved. In this way, sedentary office workers can exercise on the commute without taking up their other time at all. This simple small change can greatly affect the physical and mental health of other people.

Electric assisted bicycles integrate electric drive devices on the basis of retaining the standard transmission system of bicycles (including flywheels, chainrings, cranks, and chains). The power assist is used for climbing large (long) slopes, when the physical strength is falling, or under strong wind. In other occasions, it is still regular pedal riding. This combination can effectively extend the battery life.

The speed of an electric bicycle with a battery is about 25 to 45 km/h, which means that it can drive 5 kilometers in about 8 minutes. 8 minutes, 5 kilometers is how many drivers can’t admire the speed when traffic jams!

Electric assisted bicycles

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Electric bicycles are mainly driven by electricity, increasing battery storage capacity, enhancing the motor drive structure, and weakening the original transmission of the bicycle (such as reducing the flywheel and chainring), turning the pedaling into an auxiliary. When there is no electricity, there are still pedals that can continue to walk, but the pedaling efficiency is obviously not as good as the electric assisted pedaling.

There is basically no other way to solve the problem of battery life for electric bicycles except for buying big-name brands, because the core is the battery, motor and structural design level, the principle of “you get what you pay for”, the current bicycle power system The start of technology is still limited, only money can be exchanged for battery life.


Electric power-assisted bicycles specifically refer to bicycles equipped with electric motors that need to be driven by pedals. “Electric-assisted bicycle = bicycle + power assist system”, therefore, electric-assisted bicycles are based on bicycles and add power assist systems to make cycling easier.

Electric assisted bicycles

An electric bicycle refers to an electromechanical integrated vehicle that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source and is equipped with a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar and other operating components and a display instrument system on the basis of the bicycle.

Electric bicycles make cycling fun, easy and convenient. Compared with driving, people can also choose electric bicycles that are convenient for travel without sweating. The most important thing is that people don’t have to worry about the boredom and exhaustion of the road when riding an electric bicycle, because you can enjoy the scenery along the road and exercise by the way!

Even if the electric power-assisted bicycle is driven without electricity, the impact will not be too great. Of course, with the assistance of electricity, it can easily climb the mountain, but it cannot use pure electricity mode. Electric bicycles will have a greater impact without the aid of electricity, and they will be much slower if they are driven by human power alone. Generally, there are three riding modes. When the electricity is sufficient, they can be driven by pure electricity. This is also a lot of people choose electric bicycles. One of the reasons.

Generally speaking, the battery capacity of electric bicycles is smaller than that of electric bicycles, because electric power is mainly driven by human power, and electric power is used as auxiliary; generally, you can choose for long-distance play or cycling exercise, which can both exercise and exercise. Can save energy. Electric bicycles are mainly driven by human power as supplemented by electric power, and they are constantly researching on the issue of lightweight. They are generally used for leisure or commuting riding. With the blessing of electric bicycles, they can travel easily even if they cannot travel long distances. Meet the vast majority of transportation needs.

The pedals of electric bicycles are more like electric motors, which can clearly feel the riding experience while riding; the pedals of electric bicycles are more like auxiliary devices, which can be replaced in time when the power is not available, so as to avoid helplessness when getting off the bicycle.

In short, electric bicycles can better meet the needs of daily life as household scooters. They are affordable, fully functional, and enjoy the fun of riding; while electric assisted bicycles meet people’s needs for performance. Improve the driving experience.

A fully charged electric bicycle can travel approximately 30 kilometers. Long-distance driving can better exercise people’s endurance. If it is an ordinary bicycle, most people can’t ride 30 kilometers at all. But electric bicycles have pedal assist and throttle mechanism, which can eliminate muscle fatigue caused by pedaling. In this way, people can choose the amount of exercise by themselves.

For example, on a flat and easy-to-ride ground, people can choose to pedal manually (purely human mode); when going uphill, choose electric assist mode; or, choose a stable assist mode during the entire riding process. This exercise mode allows people to choose a suitable intensity to exercise their endurance. It will not take long for people’s physical fitness and endurance to improve with the improvement of metabolism and the increase of core strength.

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