Electric bicycle four accessories selection

The core components of an electric bicycle are commonly known as the four major accessories”: battery, motor, charger, and controller. What should I pay attention to when selecting these four parts


1. The core component of the electric bicycle is the battery.


In the face of the many different kinds and brands of electric bicycles, as well as the benefits boasted by manufacturers, there are many types of batteries as one of the most critical components of bicycles, but which one is the best?

There are mainly silver gel, lead-acid, lithium and NiMH batteries for electric bicycles. Among them, the silver gel battery has basically been withdrawn from the market, while the lead-acid battery has become the mainstream now, it is more durable than the silver gel battery, the average life of up to a year and a half, and because of the use of very popular, so the replacement, repair is also more convenient. Lithium and nickel-hydrogen batteries are the new favorites in the electric vehicle market, they have a longer life span, but the price is correspondingly higher, nearly $1,000 more expensive than other types of batteries for vehicles.


In addition, each type of battery not only price, life is different, its weight is also very different, lead-acid battery weighs up to 13 kg, while the weight of lithium battery is only a little more than 2 kg, nickel-hydrogen battery weight among the two, so you should also take into account the convenience of vehicle storage when buying an electric car, if there is no suitable storage place, need to daily hard to move up and down, you may wish to buy lithium electric car; if If your home has a convenient storage place, then your choice is mostly.


Brushless motor

As for the motor, there are two kinds of brush motors and brushless motors. In general, brushless motors to replace the mechanical commutation of electronic commutation, technically superior to brush motors. Meanwhile, brushless motor has no gear or reduction device, which reduces the unreliability of motor wear. Its efficiency is higher than that of brushed motors within a certain current range. Brushless motor driving up to almost no noise, and life expectancy of more than 10 years.


Of course, the brushless motor itself is more expensive, and the controller is more complex, the cost is also higher. But at present, compared with the brush motor, brushless motor will become more and more mainstream market.


Another key component of the electric bicycle is the charger. Many domestic manufacturers use simple chargers, which are easy to charge, but easy to cause undercharging or overcharging and damage to the battery.


The strength of the charger manufacturer’s products, generally will be transferred to the brand-name battery and bike factory supporting. Because the brand-name car factory has very strict testing equipment and means, in order to pursue the brand-name effect, most of them will buy high-quality accessories. Thus, some poor quality chargers can not enter, can only be transferred to the secondary market, relying on low prices (poor quality components) to win the market.


So we should try to use the original or well-known manufacturers of products.


In addition to the battery, motor, charger, electric car controller is also very important. Under the same conditions: workshop controller is definitely not as good as the products of large companies; hand-welded products are definitely not as good as the products of wave welding; the controller with exquisite appearance is better than the products that do not pay attention to appearance; the controller with thick wires is better than the controller with jerry-built wires; the controller with heavy heat sink is better than the controller with light heat sink, etc.


In the material and process pursued by the company is relatively high credibility, the comparison can be seen.


In short, although there are differences in the performance and quality of electric bicycles, consumers need not worry as long as they choose a professional manufacturer with brand reputation and production scale, equipped with high-quality batteries, motors and chargers for electric bicycles.


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