electric dirt bike A5AH26 48V 500W

Optional: 26/27.5/29 inch 36V 48V  250W 350W 500W 750W

Model: Shuangye 20 inch e bike A7AM20

Color: White/Black/Green

Motor: Shuangye 36v/48v 250W/350W/500W brushless motor

Battery: 36V10AH/12AH 48V15AH

Lithium battery

Range: 1:1 PAS mode, 40-60KM

Warranty: motor & battery 1 year

Charger: AC100V-240V,42V 2A

Charging time: 5-7 hours

Max speed: 25km/h 30km/h 35km/h based on flat road without wind




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