electric tricycle with two front wheels 36V 250W motor

Stable and Nimble – The Dual Front Wheel Electric Tricycle

Experience optimized handling and control with this unique electric tricycle with two front wheels. The 250W motor provides powered assistance up to 15mph, while two front wheels increase stability and traction for smooth cornering and stopping. Ideal for seniors and riders with mobility challenges, the low step-through steel frame allows easy mounting and dismounting. Promoting comfort, the cushy seat can be adjusted forward and back to suit your height.

Thoughtful details make every ride secure and enjoyable. The rear basket provides ample cargo space up to 55 lbs for hauling groceries or gear. Integrated LED headlights and brake lights keep you visible at night. The smart lithium battery enables a range up to 40 miles per charge. Regenerative braking helps charge the battery while coasting or braking. Additional safety features include an anti-theft alarm and an adjustable speed limit for controlled acceleration.

electric tricycle with two front wheels

When stability and maneuverability matter most, this dual front wheel electric tricycle delivers. The low center of gravity stemming from its three-wheel design allows tight turning and improved balance. Dual wheels provide double the traction grip and stopping power on slick terrain. Seniors and those with limited mobility can ride with confidence thanks to the step-through frame, comfy seat, and stable handling. Experience newfound freedom of movement with the electric tricycle that’s nimble, durable and equipped for your daily needs.

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