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Epure Is the Newest 2021 Electric Enduro Bike Line that Rivals 125 CC Engines

Epure Is the Newest 2021 Electric Enduro Bike Line that Rivals 125 CC Engines 2020-09-25Leave a comment

Epure Is the Latest 2021 Electrical Enduro Bike Line that Rivals 125 CC Engines

This yr now we have begun to see a serious transition within the prospects that include EVs. Primarily with electrical bikes, bikes, and every thing in between the two-wheeling class. Monsters just like the Kuberg and Cake Bikes’ Kalk OR, appear to simply be coming out left and proper.

Electrical Movement, EM for brief, is doing the identical with their very own enduro bikes that feel and appear like your basic 125ers. Now, they appear to supply three new fashions below the Epure class for 2021. So, we’ll break them down individually as solely small variations actually set them aside.

First on the checklist is the Epure Lite. This younger woman can be thought of first on the checklist and the usual for the category. She’s been made with the newbie in thoughts and packs rather less punch than her greater brothers, however nonetheless consists of all of the EM perks. She runs on a Li-ion battery with 1875 Wh and 50.4V. It’ll final you for a mere 26 miles (43 km). It might not look like a lot however think about that it does these 26 miles (43km) totally able to adapting to any terrain it’s possible you’ll encounter.

The motor for the Lite is as soon as once more an EM in-house design with a nominal energy of 6Kw and a peak of 11Kw. It’s simply large enough to get you as much as 40 mph (65kph), holding it avenue authorized, and pushes out 600 Nm of torque. All of that’s set on a 15 CDV6 steel-tube body that is available in solely at 11 lbs. (5 kg).

Subsequent up can be the Epure Sport. However studying about it compared to the Lite, we couldn’t discover any main variations. It pushes out the identical quantity of torque because the Lite, has the identical motor output, even the battery measurement and capability is similar. Nonetheless, we do have a point out of an improved fork and suspension. Aside from that, it’s not likely an even bigger brother, however extra like a twin brother that was born first.

However the Epure Race might be thought of the larger brother. Proper? I suppose. Truthfully, I’d need to experience it to really feel any distinction. The body is as soon as once more the identical as the opposite two bikes, battery too.

Even the tires are the identical Michelin X11 as on the opposite two fashions. The one actual distinction is that the Race has a prime pace of 43.5 mph (70 kph). So, the place is the distinction? The one distinction we’re proven is a diaphragm clutch and a beefier fork for use on the Race.

However it does look like Electrical Movement is conscious of this potential misunderstanding when knowledgeable about their bikes, so that they advocate you contact them for a test-drive earlier than drawing any conclusions.

One factor now we have no point out of is about what on the planet is occurring with that chain setup? Possibly I haven’t been across the block sufficient in these 32 years, however I’ve by no means seen a sequence compelled into such a form. I ponder what it does for the experience.

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