Every cyclist should understand the benefits of wearing cycling pants while riding

Every cyclist should understand the benefits of wearing cycling pants while riding

Wearing cycling pants while riding,cycling equipment is essential when riding electric bicycle , especially cycling pants, cycling pants are about the comfort of riding, and in serious cases, wearing or not wearing cycling pants may also affect the health of the cyclist.

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Cycling pants are made of special fabric, with a certain degree of breathability, its elastic fabric wrapped around the buttocks, thigh muscles, when riding can greatly reduce wind resistance and inner thighs in the seat of the friction, cycling pants inside there is a piece of cycling pad, cycling pants pad has some shock absorption, diffusion pressure distribution, ease the pressure and discomfort when riding, so that cyclists are more comfortable when riding.

The fabric of cycling pants has elasticity, the muscles can be better contracted when riding, not because of the limitations of clothing so that muscle contraction is not as good, especially when long-distance riding, a long time riding body will flow a lot of sweat, sweat accumulated on the clothing for a long time is not good, will only increase the friction of our crotch, so this time cycling clothes will play a certain role.

When riding, because the hips are in contact with the seat for a long time, due to prolonged contact, resulting in the body’s blood can not be well circulated, riding pants can reduce our sense of pressure, which is important for any cyclist, whether female or male, is particularly important, the blood flow in the lower body.

It is important to note that there are often cyclists who wear underwear when wearing cycling pants, this is very taboo, if you wear underwear, the permeability of the cycling pants will be greatly reduced, cycling pants do not play their full performance, when buying cycling pants, try to pick the right one for you, can give yourself a good riding experience to cycling pants.

Not only is it suitable for you, the quality should also be guaranteed, because the cycling pants will be in contact with your body for a long time, the fabric should be as good as possible and breathable. Another thing to remember is that cycling pants are not the thicker the better, they should be configured according to different cycling intensity and cycling time.

In autumn and winter, you can choose padded cycling pants with windproof fabric in front or wear a pair of summer cycling pants inside. Summer cycling pants are not the same as underwear, some riders think that wearing more than one pair of summer cycling pants inside is underwear, compared to summer cycling pants, which are more breathable.


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