Mountain bike kit structure

The transmission system is generally composed of two major parts: the transmission parts include flywheel, center shaft, cassette and chain, and the transmission parts include shifter handle (finger paddle, also handlebar), front derailleur (front derailleur), rear derailleur (rear derailleur), and derailleur cable tube. And the kit we are talking about generally includes finger paddles, front derailleur, cassette, rear derailleur and flywheel, sometimes it also includes center shaft and brake handle, even hubs, etc. In practice, it is not uncommon to use mixed kits, whether for the whole bike or DIY, to meet the performance needs and reduce costs at the same time.

Shimano Series

Shimano is one of the common transmission brands, and the entry-level products are extremely cost-effective, so it is also the first choice for many entry-level mountain bikes, and the most accessible brand for white people.

The Tourney series is generally used for commuter bikes and is the cheapest, and can only be considered as “shifting”, but you can’t ask for more.

The M2000 series is suitable for players who are new to mountain biking, and the price is low while retaining some of the advantages of the Acera and Alivio series. There are 3×7, 3×8 and 3×9 speed categories.

The M3000 series is easy to install, simple to operate, responsive, suitable for youth forest road play, and not difficult to maintain. There are six speed categories 2×7, 2×8, 2×9, 3×7, 3×8 and 3×9.

The M4000 series is a little stronger than Acera in all aspects, and is compatible with larger wheel diameters. The unique rear derailleur design makes it easier to remove and install the rear wheel, making it suitable for entry-level users who are looking for high quality. There are two speed categories: 2×9 and 3×9.

The M6000 series is the lowest priced of the pro-level kits and has a good reputation among entry-level players for its performance, which is sufficient for ordinary competition. There are 2×10 and 3×10 speed categories.



M7000, M8000 and M9000 series are correspondingly better in performance, weight and other aspects of performance, can adapt to more complex road, the price is also a level to rise.



The M640 and M820 series are for speedway, with enhanced strength and single-disc design, while the M820 is the top series and the M640 is one level lower.



Di2 is an electronic shifting series with rich customization features and a very non-beautiful price.

Many white people will pay special attention to the speed at first, however, the actual use of the number of speed is not the most important, it is recommended that white people try to choose a senior-level kit when picking. The senior kit will have better performance in terms of weight, feel and accuracy, not simply more or less speed.


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