How much do you know about the maintenance of bicycle tires

Bicycle tires are in contact and friction with the ground all the time, so the maintenance of bicycle tires is very important.

1. Do not expose to the sun because it has been hot recently

If the bicycle is left in a place where the sun is strong for a long time, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause the tire to age.

2. The amount of cheer should be appropriate

Many more professional friends who know the car will check the tire pressure (about the tire pressure, I will talk about it in detail later), but more novice friends look at the feeling, of course, generally riding on the feeling is also OK.

In recent summers, the high temperature, the gas must not be too strong, otherwise it is easy to puncture. What’s more, don’t hit too little no matter when you are, or even if you are still riding when you are out of breath, this is fatal to your tires.

Excessive air blow is not good either. Excessive expansion will affect life expectancy. A tire may blow out during riding, and the riding will be uncomfortable.

3. More cleaning of the tire surface

Cleaning and maintaining bicycles is something that everyone will do, but many people will ignore the cleaning of bicycle tires.

The tires are likely to stick to dirt and sharp objects during riding. Regular cleaning is very important. Power brother likes to use a brush and then rinse with water, which is very clean.

4. Check the tires after riding

Every time you finish riding, you have to check whether there is glass slag on the tires, and small iron wires are sharp objects. If you find them, clean them up in time.

5. Don’t let the tires be corroded

Bicycle tires are made of rubber, so do not come in contact with oil, acid, flammable and chemically corrosive products when riding or parking, otherwise it will cause corrosion, deformation, softening, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to check and clean after riding.

6. Be gentle during the ride

Most of the tire problems are caused by the cruelty during the riding process. Try to avoid the bumpy road and avoid foreign objects on the road.

7. Pay attention to bicycle storage

If you do not ride the bicycle, be sure not to put it in a place with strong sunlight. If you do not ride for a long time, check whether the tires are inflated regularly, and do not leave the tires in an airless state for too long.

8. Replacement of front and rear tires

The degree of wear of the front and rear tires of a bicycle is different, so you can change it after riding for a period of time. Note that it is to change the tires, not the wheels.

9. Don’t be overweight

Overloading of bicycles will affect the life of the tires. It is fine to ride the bicycle by yourself. Don’t carry people.

If it’s a girl who wants to sit, it’s okay. After all, compared to a girl, tires are nothing, but the premise is to pay attention to safety and obey the traffic rules.

10. Pay attention to changing tires

The tire change process is very easy to cause damage to the inner and outer tires, so it is best to use a tire lever instead of finding a sharp object when the tire spoon is used.

When installing the inner tube, it must be flat and not discounted.

The lifespan of a bicycle is related to your personal habits. If you love it, it will always accompany you. If you don’t love it, it will leave you.

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