How to choose the best cycling pants

Cycling pants are one of the most important riding equipment. It not only helps you relieve the pain, but also reduces wind resistance, improves comfort, and doubles the pleasure of riding.

Butt pain when riding a bicycle is a more complicated problem. Choosing a suitable pair of pants may solve half of the problem. A suitable seat and correct sitting posture are also indispensable.

The most important thing! By the way, you can’t wear underwear if you wear any cycling pants

Speaking of cycling pants, you must understand the cushion

[Choice of cushion]

The cushion is mainly to solve the role of PP friction. Buying a seat cushion is a science, and every rider will encounter it. This cushion is very comfortable for me, but it may be painful for you. Buying a saddle is an experience of many attempts. Sometimes it takes a lot of money to finally find a more satisfactory saddle.


First: The larger the area of the cushion, the better. In fact, this is not right. It is OK to ride the bike just to protect it. The area of your buttocks is not too big. However, the angle of each bike is different, and the choice is still different. You can’t use a TT bike jersey to ride a station wagon.

Second: The material of the cushion of the cushion includes sponge, silicone, and coolmax. Of course, don’t think about coolmax for the cheap cycling pants. Third: The thickness of the pads of the cycling pants. Again, it depends on your riding state. You can’t generalize on the thick ones, or the thin ones. This can be seen in Snitch’s cushion theory.

Don’t use the silicone sleeve. That thing will definitely have a serious health effect on your body.

First, silica gel only absorbs heat but does not dissipate heat, and the temperature will be very high.

Secondly, silica gel does not absorb water and is poor in perspiration. Third, silica gel is easy to breed bacteria, and most riders don’t wash things, you know. Fourth, rub back and forth, the skin is easy to wear. [Saddle related]
The seat is not softer, more comfortable, but a suitable seat cushion height to ensure that your butt pain does not hurt. The second seat can only be level to ensure comfort. Otherwise, if the head is lowered, the arm support is too strong, and the back of the buttocks is too strong, which is prone to accidents.

Advantages of bib cycling pants:

1. There is no abdominal compression, which can provide more oxygen uptake.

2. It is obvious that the straps will fit the buttocks more closely and will not cause shaking.

The bib is very professional, but if it is not for the game, the “convenience” issue is still worth weighing.


Cycling pants are not as expensive as possible

Choosing pants should be based on your physical condition and riding habits. For example, the pants of professional teams generally have thinner pads because professional athletes have very good “iron butts” in long-term training, and they are more concerned about improving the pedaling time. The efficiency and breathability of long-term games.

Don’t worry too much about the thickness of the cushion. A thin one will not be sultry. If you abuse yourself for a long distance, you should choose a thick one.

How to choose a suitable pair of cycling pants

1. The size should be appropriate

If you are ashamed to wear tights and choose a larger size looser, you would be wrong. The tight purpose of riding pants is to fix the cushion in a proper position. If the cushion is not fixed firmly or the position is not correct, then the cushion that protects you will become a “weapons” that hurts your PP. The size of the cycling pants should be appropriate, not too tight, and not too loose.

2. Quality

Good cycling pants can be used for more than one or two years. The main thing to look at is the material of the pants. POLYESTER, POLYAMDE, SPANDEX are the mainstream materials. COOLMAX, a popular high-tech fiber, is also a good choice, which can bring good breathability and perspiration to riders. It’s nothing more than pants that can breathe. The bottom is breathable and quick-drying to prevent prickly heat. The longer you are comfortable, the faster you can ride.

3.Flexibility and Slim

This has a lot to do with the material mentioned above. Cycling pants must be elastic, and elastic foot can relieve muscle fatigue, reduce wind resistance, and move more conveniently. If you are ashamed to wear tights and choose a looser size, you would be wrong. All kinds of trousers are dropped, and the trouser legs are not self-cultivating, which leads to the embarrassment of being caught in the crankset.

4. Good pants protection is also a must

There are three main ones. The material should be soft and comfortable, without rubbing the skin; elastic enough to self-cultivation so that you won’t be able to pinch your waist and your feet and curl your cranks; reflective! Yes, this is also very important, especially for night riding enthusiasts. Cycling jerseys and pants with reflective strips can refract the light, and there will be no accidents. When others see the reflective stickers, they will keep a certain safe distance to avoid collision.

Washing of cycling pants:

The trouser pads of cycling pants are easy to breed bacteria, so pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after each wearing. Although the fabrics and trouser pads of cycling pants have good elasticity, they may also be out of shape and deformed. Therefore, it is recommended to wash by hand. If washing with a washing machine, it should also be set to gentle mode. At the same time, cycling pants are usually quick-drying fabrics, so after washing, you can wring out the water by hand and dry it. Do not use a washing machine to spin dry.

Many enthusiasts are greedy for cheap and cheap. This is definitely not possible to buy good trousers. Some of them are due to economic constraints and conceptual issues. Some riders pay more attention to equipment parts and lighten the cycling clothes that are more closely related to them. I didn’t hesitate to spend expensive upgrades on parts, but I was reluctant to spend a little more money to buy a good cycling pants for myself.

If you are cycling occasionally or in general leisure and fitness cycling, it’s okay to buy a pair of cycling pants.

If you are a rider who pursues speed and often does high-intensity sports riding or long-distance riding, it is recommended that you don’t just buy it cheaply.

Professionally designed and tailored cycling jerseys can only be experienced when they are worn by themselves.

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