How to protect bicycle tires

4 small ways to effectively reduce the chance of a bicycle tire/puncture

1. Please try to avoid crossing roads with lots of debris such as gravel. If there are too many potholes on the road, you need to slow down

2. Regularly check the degree of wear of the tire and the foreign matter attached to the tire. In many cases, sharp foreign objects such as gravel and glass fragments pierce the tires, but they do not puncture the tires of the bicycle. If you do not deal with them in time, these foreign objects are likely to pierce deeper and deeper during riding, thus puncturing the tires.

3. Please replace the tire and inner tube regularly. In addition to normal wear and tear, the rubber material of bicycle inner and outer tires will also experience aging after long-term use, which greatly reduces the strength of the tire. Therefore, when the tires experience serious wear and small cracks, please replace them in time. And even if there are not too many abnormalities, please try to replace the inner and outer tires as much as possible when driving about 10,000 kilometers.

4. Ensure that the tire pressure value remains within the specified range. Bicycle tires are generally marked with the normal air pressure range (for example, 35 to 65 psi), and you should always ensure that the air pressure is within the range marked by the tire value. The standard air pressure can not only prevent foreign objects from penetrating the tires during driving, but also protect the rim and improve riding comfort.

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