How to turn on ebike lights

How to turn on ebike lights

Learn important information about e-bike lights
One of the benefits of riding an e-bike is the combination of smart technology and accessories on top of the actual bike, and built-in lights are one of the more important safety features of an e-bike.

E-bikes are equipped with lights for two good reasons: to help you see better on unlit roads, and to help other cyclists, drivers and pedestrians see you and your e-bike more easily when visibility is poor.

If it’s a good e-bike (like ours), you’re likely to have lights on both the front and rear, which are essential for riding in a variety of situations, including

How to turn on ebike lights

At night
Bad weather (rain, fog, snow)
Through tunnels, underground car parks and other unlit areas
We recommend that when you start to think about switching your lights on, this is usually a sign of things to come. So the next time you’re cycling, if you want to improve road visibility, keep the following in mind.

How do I switch on the lights on my e-bike?
This ultimately depends on the e-bike you have. To switch on the lights of your Zoomlion e-bike, simply press and hold the increase assist button on the left handlebar. The lights will switch on as soon as the battery is fully charged.

Switch on the headlight
How do I switch off the lights on my e-bike?
Switching off the lights on your e-bike is also easy. On the Zoomo, the procedure is the same as for switching on the lights, long press the increase assist button on the left handlebar and the lights will switch off.

Switching on the rear lights
Other considerations
Built-in lights are a great addition to an e-bike and are not available on bikes and other vehicles. So if you plan to ride at night, make sure your battery is fully charged before you leave so you don’t have to worry about choosing between turning on your lights and saving power.

If your lights malfunction or stop working, we recommend that you return your bike to the shop where you bought it or take it to an e-bike shop. We can’t emphasise enough how important lights are for night riding, so make sure you keep them safe!

It’s also worth noting that lights are different from reflectors. Your e-bike should also be fitted with reflectors, again on the front and rear, to provide further visual aid when riding in the dark.


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