Is it better to buy more expensive cycling jersey or cheaper ones

I think you can often see low-priced cycling jerseys on the Internet. They are pretty good from the outside. Why do those cycling jerseys that look similar in style, some only cost 30USD, and why some sell 300USD?

First of all, you must first understand the general process of making a cycling jersey/pants: design (pattern, pattern design, fabric selection) → plate making (thermal transfer) → process (cutting, sewing, finishing).


1. Design phase

There are several links in the design process. I won’t talk about design elements, layouts, and other things that seem mysterious to everyone here. We only talk about fabrics. How do you distinguish them?
A real cycling jersey is a highly functional piece of clothing. It can help you avoid a lot of things when riding, which is embodied in the flexible combination & use of various functional fabrics, which directly affects the rider’s riding. Line experience.

cycling jersey

For example, after cycling, you will sweat a lot (what! You said you don’t sweat while riding? Are you sure you are riding?), especially the chest and underarms, so these parts are required The fabric wicks moisture and perspiration is not too much~

Another example is the winter riding. Because of the weather, the wind was very cold when you first rode. After riding for a while, your body gradually heats up, so as to avoid illness. At this time, the cycling clothes are required to be windproof and breathable. Isn’t that too muchIt is necessary to fit and be flexible when wearing cycling clothes.

This is the correct way to use cycling jerseys. Do you think that the kind of cheap clothes are willing to use various expensive functional fabrics? The kind of “cycling jerseys” sewn with cheap fabrics are not only If you can’t achieve the desired effect, it’s time to have fun if it fits you well.

cycling jersey

2. Plate making stage

After Amanda finished talking about the fabrics, everyone should have a certain understanding of the functionality of cycling jerseys. The next thing to talk about is the pattern-making stage, what is the difference between cheap cycling jerseys and good cycling jerseys.

Plate making, in simple terms, is to print the design drawings of the cycling clothes on the computer onto paper, and then lock the pattern pigments into the fabric through thermal transfer.cycling jersey

It sounds simple, right~ but it’s not simple at all. After all, cycling clothes are usually very close-fitting, in close contact with the skin, and the clothes must have good permeability! Then the problem is coming! Ink is needed for printing styles. In order to pursue low cost, some cycling clothing manufacturers use Korean ink or domestically produced ones. If they are exposed to the sun for a long time, the color will fade, let alone those who have bad skin. Infection (severe cases can cause cancer).

Of course, the better brands currently use imported ink from Italy. Of course, the price is equivalent to that of Italy. A bottle of ink of the same specification is at least twice as expensive.

cycling jersey

3. Process stage

After the process of design (fabric) and plate-making (ink), we will go to the third process-the process stage, which is to leave a deep imprint on the fabric with the baptism of heat transfer and the pattern. So what we have to do next is to cut the pattern on the fabric and sew it into a garment…

It sounds simple, right~ After all, cycling clothes are usually very close-fitting and in close contact with the skin, then the problem is coming! There will always be an “interface” in stitching. The traditional three-needle and five-threaded cycling jersey has a wider bone, and it is easy to tear the clothes during exercise, and it is not very comfortable to wear. What about a good cycling jersey? Just like those high-end underwear or yoga clothes, it uses four stitches and six stitches (one extra stitch and one stitch), the stitches are beautiful and fit the skin.

Think about walking in shoes with sand, you can understand what kind of experience it is.

cycling jersey

Then the next step is the hot label, check… it sounds simple, right? It’s really simple, but after dozens of inspection procedures, simple things become not so simple. After passing the inspection, a good cycling jersey is truly completed.
In fact, the stages mentioned above are just a brief summary. If you want to write in detail, the space is too long. But what is certain is that a good cycling jersey is not only the added value of the brand, it can also bring a completely different riding experience to the rider, and these are often difficult to judge by the naked eye, only to wear it. Only by going out to ride a bike can you experience the care and carelessness of a product

If you believe me, please let me choose your favorite cycling jersey for you

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