Does cycling give you big thighs?Recovery after cycling is important.

Does cycling give you big thighs?Recovery after cycling is important.

In cycling, the main groups responsible for pedaling movements: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, posterior calf muscles, etc. and the core muscles responsible for maintaining movement stability in cycling may be sore after cycling. Some adjustments are needed to allow the body to recover faster.

–muscle stretching–
Doing muscle stretching in the first hours after riding can effectively relieve muscle pain. Doing some full-body stretching when you are just done exercising can increase blood circulation, especially pay attention to stretching the painful areas, which can speed up the removal of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles and play the purpose of relieving pain and increasing the speed of recovery. Although it is said that the stretching process is painful, it can really shorten the pain cycle.

–Adjust your breathing-

When you are doing aerobic breathing, the muscles do not produce lactic acid, only when the muscles are doing anaerobic breathing, lactic acid will be produced. And the longer the exercise interval and the more intense the exercise, the higher the level of muscle soreness and the longer it lasts.

So, to improve the feeling of muscle soreness after riding, you can start by adjusting your breathing, such as taking more deep breaths, using the correct riding position to reduce the pressure on the diaphragm, and quickly pushing in oxygen to provide more oxygen to the body and try to do aerobic exercise, so that the degree of muscle soreness can be effectively slowed down.

–Cold compress–

General muscle soreness in about 3 to 7 days can be automatically eliminated, do not need to care too much, but if you feel that muscle soreness has affected your life, such as shoulder and neck soreness, hands difficult to lift, thighs soreness difficult to squat, etc., then you can use the physical method of cold compresses to relieve such soreness.

Use ice or professional physical cooling of the ice box, across the towel to the core muscles of the movement of the cold compress, the time is about 10 minutes, feel the cool feeling is good, do not apply directly to the skin, may be frostbite muscle.

–Protein supplementation–

After the cold compress, you can properly give the body some protein to join the recovery of muscle soreness. Generally, you can supplement about two hours after exercise, eat some fruits, vegetables, meat with high protein content, soy milk and other plant proteins.

It is a very normal situation to produce lactic acid after exercise, as long as you ride more and pay attention to using the proper riding position, this situation can slowly improve. Riding is certainly not that simple a thing, these are inevitable processes, as long as you love it, stick with it and you will find that sometimes this soreness is quite cool.


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