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Leave Black Lives Matter’s Marxism out of sports | Guest Columns

Leave Black Lives Matter’s Marxism out of sports | Guest Columns 2020-09-03Leave a comment

Go away Black Lives Matter’s Marxism out of sports activities | Visitor Columns

I used to be mildly disturbed when the specter of Hurricane Laura canceled three Astros video games final week, however I understood the state of affairs.

Nevertheless, I used to be greater than mildly disturbed after I tuned in to look at the sport Friday night time after Laura had spared us by going up the Sabine as an alternative of up the Trinity as feared. What I noticed as an alternative of a recreation was a really clearly staged ceremony that was the epitome of symbolism over substance.

What I noticed was each groups with the quantity 42 on their backs to have a good time the braveness of Department Rickey and of Jackie Robinson and the substance Jackie loaned to the Black man’s quest for equality and dignity. This was becoming though it was nonetheless mere symbolism.

What disturbed me was once they laid a Black Lives Matter jersey on house plate between workforce jerseys emblazoned with 42. What an ill-advised show of symbolism. It virtually turned me off watching Astros video games because the extra persistent shows at each NBA recreation have turned me away from watching them.

Maybe these pampered multi-millionaire athletes may dispense with symbolic gestures and use their fame and fortune to advance substantive packages for bettering the circumstances they’re ceremoniously and ineffectively protesting.

Are you aware who based and nonetheless leads the BLM motion? Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, who Cullors self-characterized as “educated Marxists.” Cullors, a minimum of, says she discovered her “first political house” below the wing and below the tutelage of Eric Mann at his Labor/Neighborhood Technique Heart.

Mann was a chief agitator for the Climate Underground which, these of you sufficiently old will keep in mind as a violent inner terrorist bomb-throwing group of which probably the most distinguished agitator was Invoice Ayers, Barack Obama’s patron from his early Chicago days. Mann as soon as was jailed for a few of his terroristic antics.

Nonetheless, Cullors states she and Garza are educated Marxists, adherents of the Marxist-Leninist ideology that claims all capitalist regimes are corrupt and incorrigible by peaceable means. They have to be torn down and resurrected as Marxist-Leninist egalitarian utopias simply as Lenin and Stalin did in Soviet Russia, simply as Mao did in China. Simply because the communists did in Vietnam, simply as Pol Pot did in Cambodia, simply because the Kims did in North Korea, simply because the Castros did in Cuba, and simply as was achieved in Venezuela.

Maybe an American Marxist-Leninist Eden might be fashioned with out the sacrificing of tens of tens of millions of deaths wasted organising these, however Marx and Lenin agree that there have to be widespread violence and destruction within the streets, and as Stalin is presupposed to have mentioned, “You may’t make an omelet with out breaking open a number of eggs.”

Maybe now I can take my thoughts off the eggs being damaged within the streets of Democrat-led American cities by BLM by watching baseball with out being disturbed by inane symbolistic demonstrations. Let’s “play ball” not “make revolution.”

Frank Bowser lives in Galveston.

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