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Michigan LB Cameron McGrone ‘scared’ for everyone in Wolverines’ path

Michigan LB Cameron McGrone ‘scared’ for everyone in Wolverines’ path 2020-09-26Leave a comment

Michigan LB Cameron McGrone ‘scared’ for everybody in Wolverines’ path

Robotic Olympics

Look out, Jared Allen, you have got a brand new curling nemesis: Curly.

Scientists on the Berlin Institute of Know-how have developed an A.I. robot that can beat professional curlers:

“The robotic is formed a bit like a flattened teardrop, with two wheels up entrance and one caster within the rear. (It’s troublesome sufficient for a human to stroll on ice, a lot much less a humanoid robotic, therefore Curly’s wheels.) It’s outfitted with two cameras, one which telescopes 7 ft excessive to provide the robotic a view of the home, and one other on its face simply above the entrance wheels to observe for the hogline. Curly grasps the stone between these entrance wheels utilizing 4 smaller wheels organized in a U form. These are powered by a conveyor belt, which spins the stone, permitting the robotic to curve its trajectory, similar to a human participant does. Spin clockwise and the stone will curl proper; spin counterclockwise and it’ll go left.”

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