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The price of pedals is determined by materials, workmanship, style and function. The rider’s choice of pedals will also depend on their model, price and affordability. It doesn’t matter if they are cast, forged or CNC. Generally speaking, CNC will be lighter and have a dazzling profile, while cast is thicker and bulkier, but there is no problem with strength.


Each bike has its own characteristics, so you need to consider the main features when choosing pedals. The following is a breakdown of pedal selection for each model.

A. CROSS COUNTRY (XC for short) cross country mountain bike

Due to the demands of the game, many players will use cassette pedals. These cassette pedals usually have a double-sided locking feature and are small and lightweight. There are quite a few choices of climbing cassette systems on the market. The common ones are SHIMANO / CRANKBROTHER / TIME / LOOK and the less common ones are SPEEDPLAY. these systems are not compatible with each other.

The biggest appearance characteristics of this model are.Mountain electric bike

1、Flat handlebar type or small extended handlebar type.

2. Wide tires can cope with gravel and bad road conditions.

3. Most only have front shock absorbers.

4. Short shock absorber travel.


The point of consideration for this type of car is to combine light mountain and flat road racing. Therefore, there are certain considerations in the weight of the bike, so the choice in pedals is mainly focused on.

1. Light weight (not much tread pattern is needed to reduce weight).

2. 2. Good anti-slip effect.

3. The pedals should be hard enough.

B. FREERIDE (FR for short) multifunctional off-road vehicle

This type of bike is mainly speed oriented. The lighter the weight and the less wind resistance, the more popular it is. The athlete will not get off the bike in a single race, all the way to the finish line. Therefore, the tread pattern does not need to be too big and the road conditions do not need to be too high for anti-slip effect. However, professional athletes are wary of slipping (separating the foot from the pedal) when the crank is high during a race, so fixed toe pedals (foot straps) or pedals are needed to help with the ride. Pedals on road bikes are usually single sided, which reduces unnecessary design, reduces weight and provides a larger pedaling surface for long distance races.


Because this type of bike will challenge complex terrain, it needs larger tread and excellent slip resistance to help the runner.

1. Larger tread.

2. High skid resistance requirement.

3. High pedal strength requirement.


There is also the option to clamp the tread, but the tread will be of the large tread type plus an engagement mechanism. This type of clamping system is also the same as the previous type.

1. Bendable or flat handlebars.

2. Thin tires, shallow tires or even bald tires.

3. Light weight and streamlined design.

4. No shock absorber function.

Road bike pedals also have SHIMANO / CRANKBROTHER / TIME / LOOK / SPEEDPLAY and other systems. Among them, the CB / TIME / SPEEDPLAY mountaineering and road bike snap systems are compatible only with different shapes, while other brands are different. We Commonly used road car systems are compatible with the LOOK system, that is, the two systems often referred to as ARC and KEO. In particular, ARC is an old sports car system that has been gradually replaced by KEO.


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