Do these 6 simple things to make your riding more comfortable (road bike)  

Do these 6 simple things to make your riding more comfortable (road bike)  

Wrong grip posture not only looks ugly, but also makes the arm feel tired over time. Correct grip posture can improve riding efficiency and make hands more relaxed. The reason why the handlebars of road vehicles are designed as curved handlebars is to provide enough grip positions for cyclists. I hope you can make full use of your handlebars to make your outdoor riding more interesting and easier after reading this article!

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1、 Hands on it

This grip is used for continuous climbing in sitting posture or vigorous trampling at low speed. In these cases, unfolding the chest and breathing smoothly are more important than aerodynamic effects. However, because this grip can’t use the brake, don’t get too close to other people, and don’t use this grip when riding in formation.

2、 One hand on it

When one hand is used for eating, drinking or stretching, place the other hand 1 inch (25.4mm) beside the handle. This is the safest position because the hand is close to the steering axis and it is not easy to oversteer. First of all, look ahead and make sure the road is smooth and your hands won’t get loose due to the vibration. When riding in formation, do not use this position unless you sit upright at the back of the car to replenish your energy.

3、 On the hand

Like your favorite sofa, this position is the most relaxed. It’s more aerodynamic than holding both hands on the handle, but it’s also easier to breathe. This position is suitable for level cruising or formation riding( However, do not use this position when riding fast or against the wind. Even when following the car, the aerodynamic loss is huge.) This is also the best grip position when standing and climbing.

Put your thumb on the inside of the handlebar and put 1-2 fingers on the brake handle to use the brake. Put your palm on the top of the handlebar and rest on the bent part. Keep your elbows bent, but not abducted. When standing, hold hands with two fingers and change head to ensure a stronger grip.

In order to prevent excessive wrist warping, the position of the hand should be correct. The principle is: the extension line of the straight part at the lower end of the handle should contact the end of the handle. The end of the cross should be horizontal or slightly tilted back to the drum.

An aerodynamic position that can replace the grip (position 5) is to shake hands and bend the arm to 90 degrees. Lower your jaw and try to keep your back straight. This position, favored by eddy Merckx and many other top drivers, can not only maintain a low body position, but also relax the shoulders and arms.

4、 Put it on your hands and separate your fingers

This is a variant of position 3, which is especially suitable for releasing the pressure on the load-bearing part of the normal palm. It also helps to bend the elbow to achieve a lower aerodynamic position. This position can’t brake, so it can’t be used for formation riding. Put your index finger on the inside of the handlebar and rest the palm on the top of the handlebar( You may prefer Mr. Spock’s “Happy Birthday” gesture, with two fingers on each side.) Gently lock the handlebar with your thumb and one finger. This position can form a relatively low body position. It’s a resting position, but it’s best to change the position before you change your head and press it into the base of the separated fingers.

5、 Hold the handle

This is the purpose of the bent handle, which is the most aerodynamic position for fast riding on flat roads and downhill. This position is also suitable for short-time, power station riding, such as sprinting or conquering hills. Most drivers find this grip uncomfortable for a long time, and the advantage of climbing is not great. This position should be used at least a few times per ride to improve flexibility and arm strength.

Keep the wrist straight and rest the side of the hand (below the little finger) on the horizontal part of the handle. Keep your elbows bent and in line with your body. When riding, going downhill or turning in formation, 1-2 fingers should be reserved on the brake handle for quick braking. When you’re single, bend your arms, try to lower your body, and remember to raise your head.

6、 Hold the handle

This position provides the same aerodynamic effect as the fifth position, but because of the different grip position, it can reduce the numbness of the palm. And you can also operate the shift lever at the handle end with minimal movement. The disadvantage is that your hand must move to operate the brake handle, and because the wrist is bent, it is easy to produce fatigue. Tighten your elbows inward. For more aerodynamic effects, bend the arm to 90 degrees

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