Riding a bicycle for a long time injures private parts, teach you ways to avoid this kind of injury

Male prostate congestion and “impotence”: Many men who ride bicycles will feel swelling and pain in the genitals, anal swelling, sensation of defecation, numbness of the vagina, or urinary urgency, frequent urination, testicular discomfort and so on. The reason is that the genitals are squeezed while riding, resulting in hyperemia and swelling of the prostate. The traditional bicycle seat, especially the narrow rear, and the sharp front saddle can make men embarrassed by impotence.

Female genital congestion and swelling: Some women who ride bicycles to get off work for a long time, if the seat is too high, too hard or the handlebars are not high or low, the body weight will be concentrated on the seat, and the perineal area will be reacted through the narrow front of the seat. , Compress the upper urethra and external sphincter, cause urinary system congestion, cause poor urination or frequent urination, urgency, or cause inflammation such as genital congestion and swelling

Choose the right car

When choosing a bicycle, you must choose a suitable bicycle according to your height, weight, and even body ratio. You can also adjust the bicycle according to your own situation. In short, you should let the bicycle serve you and be an active member in your healthy and fashionable life.

 Select and adjust the seat

If the seat is too high and the cyclist is shorter, not only will the body feel uncomfortable and uncoordinated when riding the bicycle, but also because the cyclist can barely swing up and down, making the perineum and the seat Constant friction. In particular, the high front of the seat makes the cyclist’s center of gravity back, or the rugged road makes the car severely limp when driving, it is more likely to stimulate the perineum, causing prostate congestion, swelling and injury. Therefore, pay attention to selecting and adjusting the seat.

A comfortable seat position should be level or slightly inclined downward. If the seat is tilted up, even the best material will compress the buttocks artery.

It is best to choose those with a wider seat. The seat area is large, and the force-bearing pelvis will not affect other parts.

If the car seat is too hard, a soft seat cover can be made of foam plastic to cover the car seat to reduce the friction between the car seat and the genitals.

Adjust the height and angle of the seat. If the seat is too high, the hips will inevitably move left and right when riding, which will easily cause abrasions on the perineum; the front part of the seat is upturned, which will damage the perineum more easily.



When stepping on the pedals, try to ensure that your knees are not fully extended, because that will shift the center of gravity to the human hip and cause physical injury. You can choose a city electric bicycle to avoid physical injury.

When riding a city electric bicycle or mountain bike, you will not change your riding posture at all times because of the long riding time. It will not damage the joints at that time, so it is a good choice

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