The best electric bikes you can buy right now

Electric bicycles will continue to exist, and their popularity has reached its peak. It has become an indispensable part of people, and the electric bicycle design is freed from some normal restrictions of standard bicycle design such as weight and transmission; if you can imagine, someone has already built it. From cargo bikes to city and commuter bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and even beach cruisers and tandem bikes, everyone can find something that suits them. The beauty of electric bicycles is that they allow so many people to enjoy cycling in many ways.

Check out the following overview reviews of Shuangye’s top electric bicycles. This electric bicycle is available for pre-order or in stock and can be shipped, or go deeper into our shop to see these and other high-end models and purchase information.

Three categories of electric bicycles

After deciding which style of electric bicycle you want, please consider which type you prefer. In the United States, three levels are defined based on the type of assist and the speed at which the motor propels you. Most electric bicycles sold are class 1 or class 3. Class 1 bicycles have an electric motor (maximum 750 watts) that can assist you when you pedal, and can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph. Level 3, also known as “speed electric bicycle”, can only be equipped with a maximum of 750 watts of electric motor (that is, 1 horsepower), but can help you drive up to 28 mph. Most states and cities allow these two methods without a license. The accelerator pedal of Type 2 models can propel the bicycle to and maintain a speed of 20 mph without the need to keep pedaling. Aventon’s Pace 500 is technically a level 3 electric bicycle, because it can reach a speed of 28 mph, but its maximum throttle speed is 20 mph (the maximum legal speed of the throttle).

Wide variety of motors and batteries

Best electric mountain bike mainly use electric motors and battery options from several major suppliers: Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Brose. (Some bicycle brands, such as Specialized and Giant, use motors made specifically for their bicycles-Specialized SL 1.1 is made by Mahle and Giant SyncDrive Pro is made by Yamaha.) There are other brands that exist but are less reliable or powerful. Some, such as the Yamaha system, have more torque, while others, such as Bosch’s Active Line, are almost silent. Look for the motor output (in torque), this will give you an idea of the total power. Just like a car engine, greater torque equals greater offline power and greater pedaling speed. But watt-hour (Wh) may be a more important number-it takes into account battery output and reflects power more accurately (a higher Wh equals a larger range).

What are the new changes in electric bicycle motors?

With the continued development of the electric bicycle trend, the advancement of motor technology is clearly the next step. As more road and mountain 500w ebike become “electrified,” brands want to increase power without adding a lot of weight or taking up a lot of frame space. This is especially important for full suspension mountain bikes, because a smaller motor leaves more space for suspension, better tire clearance and fewer geometric compromises. A lighter motor brings a more natural riding feel. For example, Shimano’s new EP8 motor is 10% smaller and 380 grams lighter than the E8000 it replaces, but it produces a 21% increase in torque (maximum 85Nm and 70Nm). This trend is not only applicable to mid-drive motors. The Mahle X35 hub motor in Argon 18 Subito is only 100 mm in diameter and weighs approximately 1,900 grams. Bosch’s latest Performance Line CX motor provides 85Nm of torque and eMTB mode, which can automatically respond to the rider’s effort and terrain without the rider switching between modes. The MicroTune function on the Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor of Specialized Turbo Levo allows the rider to adjust the power in 10% increments.

Battery range

For many bicycles, battery life is more important than total power (because they are very powerful). You want a bike that can provide a long enough riding distance at the power level you want. Most electric bicycles have three to five levels of assistance, which can work between 25% and 200% of your pedaling power. Consider the speed of battery charging, especially if you are going to use a bicycle for long commutes. Remember, if you are not satisfied with anything other than turbocharging, you will get the least mileage (but the most fun!) of your battery. Many bicycles now also offer the option of carrying a second battery to double your cruising range, or three batteries (one in the rear rack and two in the front basket, for a range of up to 200 miles).

Other features to consider

As the selection of electric bikes continues to expand, brands are integrating batteries more seamlessly, which makes the bike look more stylish (more like a real bike). Most batteries are locked on the  and come with a key that allows you to unlock and remove it. This has at least four benefits: you can remove the battery and charge it from the bike, and the locked battery can block (and hopefully Prevent thieves from stealing it, and the electric bicycle with the battery removed is safer to tow on the bicycle rack and lighter when carrying steps.

Since electric bicycles can maintain a higher speed for a longer period of time than standard bicycles, you need additional control. Wider tires provide better traction and freedom to leave the sidewalk with almost no penalty, and the suspension fork will help tame some of the rough roads you might explore. Good disc brakes are also essential for slowing down heavy bikes at high speeds. This is not a place to be stingy.

Some electric bicycles are equipped with an integrated lighting system, which turns on when you power up the bicycle. Although this is a great feature, if your bike is not equipped in this way, this is not a deal breaker. There are so many great bicycle lights, and it’s easy to install your own lights. Same as the rear rack: some electric bikes come with one, some don’t. You decide how important this feature is to you.


How we test

HOTEBIKE’s A6AH26 is a mountain bike that shares many functions with the original GSD and has a 5-inch LCD3 display. Fold the handlebar unit of the HSD, and the bicycle stands on the rear frame, occupying almost the same space as a floor lamp. The 55mm thick Schwalbe tires on the 20-inch wheels roll smoothly, and the custom Suntour suspension fork provides a little extra comfort and control. The top speed is 21/27 mph, the Shuangye motor is glassy and almost silent, and the maximum speed can reach 25-35 km/h. The same is true for the low-maintenance Gates belt drive and Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub. The 400Wh battery has 36V 8AH/10AH/11.6AH/13.6AH lithium-ion batteries hidden in the frame and protected by the same key that locks the built-in ring lock. The HSD can withstand a weight of up to 374 pounds, providing you with all the riding pleasure. The best way to buy: goods are available online and can be shipped.

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