How to install the top tube bag on the bike

We often associate cycling with exercise, and forget that cycling can also be used for other tasks. From running errands, shopping for groceries and cycling to work, bicycles can help you complete all these tasks and make your life easier. Another advantage of using a bicycle is that it can carry different bags, especially on a bicycle. But in order to make it more convenient, the cyclist must learn how to install the top tube bag on the bicycle and make it safe before riding.

Many types of bags can be attached to the bike, but I recommend using the top tube bag for easy riding. It is small, does not tie your feet, and can carry the things that a cyclist needs when driving on the road. In this article, our team will show you how to install the top tube bag on the bike and how to install it safely. This process is a skill that cyclists must learn to ensure that the bag is properly connected to the frame and does not fall over while riding.


Two ways to install the upper tube package

Generally speaking, there are two ways to install the top tube bag on the bicycle: the strap system and the snap-in “base” method. Most cyclists know the strap system, especially the Velcro type, which is probably the easiest way to identify the strap system. Regarding the click-and-click method of “docking”, I can say that there are many benefits to using it, mainly to keep it nice and tidy. This method can also hold the bag a little further away, preventing the thighs from accidentally rubbing into the bag.

However, in addition to being expensive, this method can also cause discomfort if you own a lot of bicycles. The process of installing the mounting hardware into the bike takes some time and should feel uncomfortable when you continue to transfer. But I will leave the decision to you, whether you choose the Velcro system or the click-dock method.

How to connect a saddle bag with the Velcro system

One of the most popular and economical ways to connect the upper tube bag is through the Velcro system. I mean, saddle bags with Velcro strap systems are affordable compared to the click base method. And it is also easy to install on the bicycle seat. Please check the following:

1.The first step is to check your saddle bag and check the number of Velcro straps on it. Usually, it has two Velcro straps for fixing the bicycle rails, and the other one is fixed on the bicycle column.
2. The next step is to attach the longer Velcro strap to the bicycle rail, starting from the left, then to the right, and then insert it into the “D” ring.
3.After inserting the “D” ring, you need to tighten it. This step is critical because it can determine the quality of the connection between the saddle bag and the bicycle seat.
4. The next step is to attach the shorter Velcro strap to the bicycle seatpost. Similarly, you need to fasten the Velcro firmly to provide extra security for your saddle bag.
5. After installation, you can check the quality of the accessories by trial ride.

Other tips when attaching a tube package

“The more the better” does not apply to the use of the top tube bag on the bicycle. Using a large upper tube bag will only encourage you to bring more things, bring you more weight and more discomfort. I recommend using a small saddle bag and travel lights. You don’t need to bring more equipment, just the necessities you need during the journey.

Learning how to install a saddle bag on a bicycle is a basic skill that a cyclist must master. If you know how to properly install and position your saddle bag and keep it safe at all times, it will have many positive effects. The top tube bag can carry the necessities and necessities you need during the journey, which means that it is very important to secure it properly

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