What kind of rearview mirror is suitable for cyclists

Should cyclists use rearview mirrors? My answer is qualified “yes”.

In any law I can find, there is no law that requires a cyclist to use a rearview mirror in any state or province in North America. Moreover, unlike motorists, cyclists will not block the rear view.

However, I personally think that the rearview mirror is a good choice for beginners, and in some cases it is convenient for everyone. If you can’t turn your head without turning, you definitely need some way to look behind you. It is disturbing to hear the sound of a vehicle approaching from behind without being able to easily check its position. This is the main reason why people embrace the edge of the road or avoid riding on the road.

You still need to turn your head

With the rear-view mirror, you can quickly glance at the back conveniently-without turning your head, and without ignoring the front. But please note that all mirrors have blind spots.
Just like changing lanes in a car, you should always turn your head before moving to a different road location-although you may not need to turn your head. In the blind spot of your mirror, there may be a car or cyclist passing by you. So again, you must learn to look behind you and not make sharp turns!
You can purchase rearview mirrors that are mounted on the handlebars, helmets or rearview mirror. Any one of them will take some time to adapt.

Choose a handlebar mirror

The handlebar mirrors are different. Some are mounted on clips around the handlebars, while others have extension plugs at the end of the handlebars. Which model is effective depends on the type of handlebar and other hardware installed on the handlebar.

Many handlebar mirrors are convex. As the saying goes, objects are closer than they appear. Unless the mirror extends vertically as in the photo, it works best in a single riding position. Your body is blocking the line of sight from the opposite side of the bicycle, so in countries/regions where you are driving on the right side, please install the rearview mirror on the left side.

Some rear-view mirrors installed on the handlebars, including the rear-view mirror shown in the picture, have a ball joint. If the joint is slightly loose, it can be adjusted while riding. This is useful if the road is curved or you change the position of the bike.

Is a helmet or spectacle mirror useful for you?

To make the helmet or glasses work properly, you need to pay attention to details.

These are flat mirrors. You focus on the view in the mirror, not the mirror itself. You look at it with one eye.

To varying degrees, people have either the right eye or the left eye. If you point your finger at a distant object and alternately close one eye and then the other eye, when the main eye is open, the finger is still pointing at the distant object. If one eye is dominant, place the mirror on that side so that you don’t “see through” it with the other eye.

The mirror should be placed as far as possible on the side where the other eye can still see the front. By closing one eye and checking with the other, larger helmet mirrors can be placed farther away from the eyes; only these are compatible with large hair.
The mirror should look straight to the rear or close to the rear. Tilt your head so that the road behind you can be seen in any riding position, except for the low aerodynamic squat of the racer. You can scan left and right by turning your head while continuing to look in the mirror.
It is expected that it will take several weeks to figure out what it looks like. This will be easier if the ears, helmet strap, or hair are only visible on the edge of the mirror as reference points.

Different rearview mirrors have different advantages.

When you put on the helmet, the helmet mirror is always there, but please pay attention to whether it is firmly connected. Hot melt glue gun can be used to fix some helmet mirrors.
Spectacles can easily be misplaced unless you attach them to spectacles that are only used for riding. The mirror can pull your glasses to your nose, but if you wear a different helmet or don’t wear a helmet, it will work, we don’t recommend this!
If the bicycle falls over, the handlebar rearview mirror may break. No mirror is perfect, but they all work well

If you think rearview mirrors are also useful, please contact me for an inquiry

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