What’s the difference between women’s bikes and men’s bikes?

What’s the difference between women’s bikes and men’s bikes?

One of the things we love about cycling is that it’s for everyone. Young or old, male or female, fit or unfit: our favourite sport can be enjoyed by a wide range of people – even more so when you choose to use an e-bike.

It’s no surprise that most of the bikes you see on the road today (including e-bikes) are suitable for all riding styles and, most importantly, for both genders.

However, if you’ve been browsing our online e-bike shop, you’ll have noticed that we have a dedicated section for women’s e-bikes, as well as a section for men’s e-bikes.

On these pages, you’ll find a wide range of bikes, from foldable e-bikes to premium off-road mountain bikes and classic road cruisers. The reason for grouping them together is that they are more suitable for female riders.

You may be looking at these photos and wondering, “What’s the difference between a women’s bike and a men’s bike?” Sometimes the differences are subtle, and we’ll look at them more closely in this blog.

A “lady’s bike” is any bike that suits her!

First and foremost, this is a principle that we at Shuangye stand by.

Many female cyclists, including members of our team, have found that “men’s” bikes (or perhaps better labelled “unisex”) are perfect for them, even better than women’s specific models.

If you have the opportunity to test ride a bike, it is always beneficial. If you can’t, consult an expert.

women's bikes and men's bikes

Shuangye. has a team of experienced e-bike experts who can help you choose the perfect e-bike for your riding needs and fitness level.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or live chat.

The Difference Between Men’s Bikes and Women’s Bikes

There was a time when women’s bikes may have just been aesthetically different from men’s bikes. Thankfully, those days are gone and women’s bikes are simply designed to provide a more comfortable riding experience.

The fundamental difference between men’s and women’s bikes is often the size of the frame. Now, this doesn’t mean that a women’s bike is just a smaller version of a men’s bike. No, there are more precise things than that.

In order to fit the average woman’s body type, you’ll often see women’s bikes with shorter stack heights. Note: Stack distance is the distance from the centre of the five-way to the top of the head tube.

You’ll also notice shorter reach (the horizontal distance from the centre of the five-way to the top of the headtube) and most likely narrower handlebars, as typically women have narrower shoulders than men.
Saddles may differ between men’s and women’s bikes. In general, women’s saddles tend to be shorter and wider. That being said, saddles can be interchanged, depending entirely on personal preference.

What about stride bikes?

The stride bike was previously considered a women’s bike. This classic bike design features a downward-sloping top tube that was designed to accommodate the long skirts typically worn by female riders.

Today, you’ll still see bikes with step-throughs – such as on our website – but the design choice was an aesthetic one rather than a practical solution for riders wearing long skirts!

In fact, you’ll see many male cyclists using step-through bikes too, simply because of the appeal of their design. Curved elements on bikes are becoming increasingly popular – look out for them in the coming year!

Choosing the right e-bike for you

When choosing the right e-bike for you, it’s not just about whether it’s designed for men or women.

No, there’s more to it than that.

The electric bikes you’ll find on our website are versatile and varied. We offer a wide range of electric bikes that offer different frame styles, motors, and batteries.

When talking to new customers, we often advise them to ask themselves the following three questions:

Do I plan to use my e-bike primarily on the road?
What is my fitness level? What kind of assistance is appropriate?
Is a particular frame style (e.g. “step-through”) the most practical?

For many of our customers, portability is also an important factor. Our wide range of foldable e-bikes are very popular with commuters and those with less storage space at home.

For some, style comes first. We have a lot to offer in this department. Check out our full range of UK built electric bikes here.

Get the advice and insight you need

Advice is always useful when buying a new bike. When buying a new electric bike, you should absolutely discuss your potential options with an expert.

There are many variables to consider, and there’s no denying that e-bikes are advanced technology – you wouldn’t buy a new computer, TV or household appliance without some due diligence.

At Shuangye. we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer service before and after the purchase. Our team are e-bike experts and cycling enthusiasts. They are also very friendly – just check out our reviews!

If you’re thinking about buying an e-bike and want to know what might be the best option for you and whether you should consider a women’s frame, why not get in touch with us today?

Happy riding!

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