Mountain Bike Beginner’s Guide

Mountain Bike Beginner’s Guide

1.XC (Cross Country)

XC models include simple hard-tail models and small-stroke soft-tail models with simple structure and low entry threshold, which are suitable for white mountain bike users. In addition, the XC model is relatively affordable, so it is also the first choice for many white users to get in touch with sports bikes.

2.Trail (Lindau mountain bike)

Introduction to mountain bikes, classification
The Lindau bike can be considered an advanced model of XC, with a short-stroke full shock structure, suitable for forest and mountain roads, with certain requirements for riding skills. Many amateur players will choose the forest road bike, on the one hand, can experience the fun of mountain bike conquering obstacles, on the other hand, the difficulty of getting started is also moderate.

3.AM (All Mountain)

AM models have a longer shock stroke than forest road bikes, and can pass through a larger drop, which is suitable for more rugged road conditions such as mountain technical roads. Compared to other mountain bikes, AM models can both climb steep slopes and make difficult descents, with excellent all-around performance that can meet the requirements of most mountain bikers. However, more skills and experience are needed to master certain AM riding techniques.


Enduro is a very popular mountain bike race in recent years, emphasizing the combination of physical strength and riding skills, with a long race course, also known as the endurance race in mountain biking. enduro track is mostly downhill section, containing many small flying bags and sharp corners, so the enduro model as a whole is more similar to AM. The relationship between AM and Enduro has not been unified yet, but Enduro has an exclusive EWS (Enduro World Series) system, and major manufacturers have also launched Enduro models, so here is a special introduction.

5.FR (Free Ride)

FR means free ride, and is typically played with big drops and difficult tricks, and is the toughest and most exciting of mountain bikes

6.DH (Down Hill, Speed Riding Mountain Bike).

DH models have a small head tube angle and long shock travel, as well as a variety of uniquely designed rear shock systems, all designed to allow riders to maintain good control on high-speed descents, with frame, fork and brake components specially designed for high-speed descents and road impacts. The DH model is a niche market, but there are many riders who use the DH model in FR.

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